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I value your trust in me as your State Representative.  I am committed to representing your interests in each of the following areas:

Strengthening Education

“As someone who has spent a number of years working in education, I genuinely understand the challenges that we face as a state and will confront them responsibly.”

  •  We must properly reward the teachers who shape future generations.
  • In order to ensure that the money we spend on education is used efficiently, we must address the issue of School District Consolidation. There are more school districts in Idaho than in Washington, Oregon, and Colorado combined.
  • As we consider how we will manage the growth in our school system, we must always remember that the most crucial element in education is parental involvement.

Revitalizing our Economy

“A strong job market is the product of a healthy and vibrant business community.  Government must trust in the free market, and minimize the burden of taxation and regulation.”

  • It has always made sense to me that just as individuals and businesses must stay lean in lean times, the government must also reduce expenditures and operate efficiently.
  • Business must not be burdened, but rather enabled by government policies.
  • The strength of the economy depends entirely upon the condition of the individual businesses that compose it.

Maintaining the Proper Role of Government

“I believe that each facet of government must operate within the sphere of influence for which it was intended.”

  • The federal government should provide protection, not direction.
  • State government has the duty to execute on those roles that are outlined in the State Constitution.
  • The community should govern at the community level – the government closest to the people is that which governs best.
  • The basis for all of society is the fundamental understanding of personal responsibility.

Preserving Family Values

Encouraging Support for the Idaho National Laboratory

 Protecting Idaho Public Land and Water

Defending the Constitution – State and Federal

Prioritizing the Rights of Citizens Over Illegal Immigrants

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  1. Sheldon Christensen permalink
    November 2, 2010 3:00 pm

    I feel like Jeff has the right approach to education. I’m glad that he is willing to look into consolidating some of the districts. Jeff is truly a fiscal conservative and he does care for our children.

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