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I Appreciate Your Trust and Confidence

January 10, 2013

I am so pleased to represent a new constituency and to have the honor of continuing to serve the people of Idaho in this capacity. I happen to be one of those who enjoys the election process because it is a reminder of our role as representatives of the people, and I consider myself exactly that.

You are my friends and neighbors, and its my desire to serve you as such. If there are issues about which you feel passionately, please contact me and share your opinions – allow me to be your advocate.

Respectfully yours,


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  1. Bart Larsen permalink
    December 17, 2012 9:41 pm

    Dear Mr. Thompson,
    My name is Bart larsen and I own and operate an in home care provider agency. I founded Qualicare Inc. in 1998 and provide services from Pocatello to Salmon and everywhere in between with over 200 clients. I wanted to first congradulate you on your re-election for 2013 and thank you for a super job in years past.
    As you know the medicaid program that helps fund about 83% of my business including PCS and the A&D Waiver has taken some major cut backs in the last 3 years. In 2009 Qualicare had 309 clients and the medicaid hourly reinbursement was $16.04 for all services and now my clientele is 201 and reinbursement is $15.56 for personal care and $13.20 for homemaker and $11.24 for respite. During the past 3 years health and Welfare has also mandated more quality assurance rules and doubled to paper work. Although i have agreed with many of the cut backs and i am in absolute favor of budget reform. I feel the home care industry has done its part. Currently my agency has acrued a 56% lose in revenue since 2010. Well thats a small history in a nut shell.
    Idaho Association of Home care Agencies has worked well with Medicaid the govenors office and many of your constituents over the past 2 years regarding the importance of adjusting the reinmursemsnt rates.Govenor Otter and idaho Medicaid request that the 2013 legistlature support a supplimental expenditure to adjust the current rate reinbursement levels for idaho Medicaid home care providers.The estimated fiscal impact is $2 million in state general funds coupled with $4 million in federal matching funds and will take effect April 1, 2013. In home care is a low cost alternative to nursing home or assisted living as well as certified family homes. It is by far the lowest cost effective way to provide quality care for eligible idaho consumers.
    I really appreciate your time and hope that you will support this suppliment adjustment. If you have any question i would appreciate a call or perhaps i could take you to lunch. Please feel free to contact me any time or Idhao Lobby Skip or Jason.
    Thank you ,
    Bart larsen 208-360-3663

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